Roma Convention Center guarantees success.

About us

Roma Convention Center is a brand of Roma Convention Group S.p.A.

We manage two of the most exclusive locations for large scale events in Rome: La Nuvola, designed by archistar Massimiliano Fuksas, and Palazzo dei Congressi, an impressive example of Rationalism in architecture. Both of them are located in EUR, a Roman District known worldwide for its grandeur.

Our company is 100% owned by Eur Spa, which means we manage the  two stunning buildings directly. Highly acclaimed for their artistic and historical value, they are the most representative Congress Centers of the entire city, not only the EUR area.

You can host any kind of event with RCC, from a medium attendance to a major audience. Both of the locations are very efficient in terms of accessibility.  We will support you in every step of your event, from planning to dismantling, to make sure that everything fits into the right place.

According to your needs, we will offer you different options and we will take care of every detail in order to truly enhance your event. Conference rooms and exhibition grounds may have different sizes, though all of them share an exquisite yet simple architecture and the most up to date technology.

We think a great event deserve a great location.

Although an international company, RCC is a full-fledged Rome based business and that means it can synergically work with the State Institution and local providers. When it comes to logistics, promotion and legal advice, we will quickly find the perfect solution.

How ambitious the event , Roma Convention Center will make it a successful one as well.

According to the Italian Legislative Decree 231/01, RCC has adopted an implemented model of Management and Administrative Responsibility System (SGRA), with the Ethical Code and Disciplinary System related. All Organization, Management and Control Statute can be downloaded from our website.

Where we are

Viale della Pittura, 50 – 00144 Roma

P. +39 06 5451 3710
F. +39 06 5451 3800

Member of

Roma & Lazio Convention Bureau Convention Bureau Italia ICCA