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Inspired by the clouds in the sky that turn dreams into reality.

Roma Convention Center La Nuvola opened on 29th of October 2016. It is the most distinctive site, not only for Rome but also for the whole Mediterranean region. Images cannot do justice to the complexity and beauty of this work of art. Roma Convention Group therefore allows members of the international meetings and event industry to visit the building site, upon request.

Roma Convention Center La Nuvola is a work of extraordinary artistic value, characterized by innovative business solutions and eco-friendly and technologically advanced materials. The project is based on the interaction of three key elements: the Shrine, La Nuvola and the Hotel. La Nuvola is without a doubt the most distinctive architectural feature: the structure floats in a glass and steel case 40 meters high (131 FEET HIGH), 70 meters wide (230 FEET WIDE) and 175 meters long (574 FEET LONG), resulting in an extraordinary visual effect. The entire complex is set up to be highly versatile, able to host various kinds of events with a total capacity of nearly 8.000 seats. The Roma Convention Center, La Nuvola also hosts a hotel tailored to the needs of our guests.